If you have an enquiring mind and an enthusiasm for uncovering the past, History and English at LJMU may just be perfect for you. The course introduces you to the literary, political, economic, and intellectual history of cultures as diverse as Britain, Ireland, Europe, America, the Middle East and eastern Asia. You will be exploring the work of canonical authors like Shakespeare, Blake, Eliot and Woolf, as well as contemporary writers such as Kazuo Ishiguro and Monica Ali, taking in writing as diverse as lunatic asylum reports and children’s fiction.

We are particular proud to offer you a portfolio of option modules, giving you the opportunity both to explore topics that are new to you, but also to deepen your understanding of your own particular research interests. The teaching team are all active in research and publication, and bring that curiosity, enthusiasm and innovation to the classroom. Teaching is delivered via a combination of lectures, seminar-workshops, peer presentations and film-screenings, and online groups give you the opportunity to further discuss ideas and issues that arise in the classroom. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of trips, from Liverpool Museums, to Berlin, on a tour of its key sites of 19th and 20th-century German history.

We are dedicated to developing the skills that, as an LJMU History and English graduate, you will have to offer to employers in your chosen profession. In your first year with us, you will pass the first stage of LJMU’s unique employability award, and can take this valuable qualification further in subsequent years. Every LJMU History and English student takes one of our two work-related learning modules, History at Work, or English Work Experience. Both give you the chance to gain credit for planning for and reflecting upon a diverse range of professional experiences, including teaching, journalism, community work, and the ambitious local heritage project Shakespeare North. Recent LJMU English projects such as ‘Social Media for Students’ and ‘Blogging Beyond the Classroom’ have also offered applicants internship opportunities to further enhance their cvs. The experience you develop through these opportunities will be supported and enhanced by the University’s World of Work Careers Service and its wide range of training and information services.

Interested in applying to study History and English at LJMU? Please click here for the LJMU Factfile, which gives you all the information you’ll need.

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