Category: Freshers 2016


Clearing: Come and study English with us!

If you think LJMU’s English course might be for you, we still have a limited number of places available. Remember, though, that the Clearing process is very competitive. Here’s our advice for securing a place on our course for September 2016: Make sure you’ve checked all the information on our...


American Classics Module

This module will introduce you to American literature and ask you to consider its wider significance in American culture. As the title would suggest the idea of the literary classic plays a key part but rather than simply accept that some texts are ‘classics’ and others aren’t, the module prompts...


Literary and Cultural Theory

This module will introduce you to the main areas of literary and cultural theory and teach you how to apply them to literary texts as well as teaching you to think critically about just about everything: films, TV, current events, family dinners, you think of it and by the end...