The main message here is simple: don’t panic! Jessica Rimmer guides you through the ways in which the grades you get at LJMU will differ from those at Southern. 

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The expression of marks and grades differ greatly between the US and the UK. As percentage values don’t carry the same grade weight on both sides of the Atlantic, marks in the UK are generally lower. Therefore, receiving marks in the 60 – 70 percentage range is no reason to despair, as this is considered the threshold for strong work in the UK. Another UK grading difference is the way in which results are characterised, as GPAs don’t exist over here. Instead, students receive a mean mark for each year of their studies, and results are ultimately categorised into final degree classifications such as ‘first class’, ‘upper second’, ‘lower second’, ‘third’ etc. In order to aid your understanding of these seemingly incomprehensible differences in grading, please consult the ‘UK/US grading system conversion chart’ below as a general guideline. Rest assured that your tutors and administrators at Southern will be fluent in translating these marks when you return.


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