My first two weeks at uni were spent walking aimlessly round, lost most of the time and hoping I could find someone I could follow – obviously not in a weird stalker way. I think everyone feels a little out of their depth at times, and you’re not alone if you do, it’s a common feeling. There have been moments when I have asked myself if I chose the right course, whether I was good enough to be on the course and generally whether I would do well. The truth is you’re here on your own merit, you’ve earned your place: so you are in the right place. Self-doubt is something you simply have to get over in your own time. If you receive a mark on your assignment that you’re disappointed with don’t be disheartened, the tutors give constructive feedback that you can take on board and use to improve your work next time. The tutors are always happy to talk through your feedback too, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment and get the help, if you need it. The best way to avoid some of these feelings is to keep on top of things, read the books, attend lectures and seminars – you may need to decrease your alcohol intake to do this, sorry. Be proactive, this is your education.

So, stay positive and shake it off.

Lynne & T.E.A.

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