As the results day draws to a close, we are inevitably overcome with an oversaturation of ‘What to expect as a student’ ‘Top 10 things students say’, ‘Why you should/shouldn’t go to university’ articles from various media outlets. As a fresh, newly established organisation we are surely above such condescending trivialities? Sort of, what we’ve done is put together some of the more helpful links to sites with an abundance of interesting articles.

Quite a lot of my own worry before starting University was that everybody kept on asking me if I was worried. Everybody is different with how they approach starting a new journey and there is no sense in worrying about not worrying, which sounds ridiculous, but is one of those perpetual cycles created by Sixth form and colleges so you think everything is getting incredibly grown up. Some of what you’ll read or be told by those you know may hit the nail on the head and help you feel more comfortable in your approach to University, some of it may seem designed to terrify you with absurd generalisations and hyperbole whilst some of it just won’t be applicable at all. Still, read on, pick and choose, but don’t worry about it, everything will probably be fine.

Twitter page of The Guardian Education page has plenty of links to get you on your way: including:

For the stressed amongst you:

I believe somewhere in Nottingham they tell you to stroke micro pigs. We can’t offer that service… Yet.

A student with Asperger’s adjusting to student life :

For the politicized or those who want to become as such:

On the other side of things we have various Vice News articles for the more light hearted amongst you:

The Vice Guide to Student Living:
My personal favourite being “C- Cooking. This is a total fucking hassle”

And another:

This advice on making 2014 better than 2013 is timeless, follow it exactly in 2016 and every other year you are a student.

Not your cup of T.E.A? Plenty of other newspapers offer articles on student life and I’m sure the internet will be updated come results day to include a whole array of 2016 specials.

Here is the LJMU page on getting started:

Soon enough you’ll be done reading and start living, until then, have a peruse of the internet and see what you like.

Rupert and the T.E.A Team

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