1. ‘No, I haven’t done the reading for this week’ t-shirt.
  2. Dark sunglasses for avoiding eye contact with tutors in seminars when you haven’t done the reading for that week.
  3. Knitwear. Lots of knitwear. Chunky knits with pockets big enough to put books in.
  4. Fancy bookmarks. If you turn up to uni with sub-par bookmarks you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. This is the big leagues.
  5. A large, practical bag. Fashion has no place here, OK? You’ll probably always need to carry at least 15 books at any given time…..
  6. Lots of pendant necklaces with literary quotes on them. Everyone’s wearing ‘em.
  7. Anything you can find that has a literary quote on it. Just go mad and cover yourself in words, this is who you are now.
  8. A pile of books to arrange by your side at all times: 1 dog-eared and very stained to prove you love the classics like a proper literature student, 1 annotated guide to a classic that you’ve never opened because you have your own opinions like a proper literature student, 1 obscure contemporary graphic novel that no one’s heard of because you read way beyond the reading list like a proper literature student.
  9. Comfortable shoes for running to your lectures – not because you are late but because you are eager.
  10. A pencil case big enough to hold all of your pens, pencils, post-it notes, fears, and dreams.



-Katie and T.E.A

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