This is possibly the best thing about being a student (other than gaining a degree), as saving money is a student’s prerogative. All you need is a bit of plastic, otherwise known as an LJMU card or NUS card, and you will be saving money here, there and everywhere! Getting your student discount in shops is fairly simple as you present your LJMU student card when you pay and you get 10% off your purchase, simple right? However, as you may notice on your new shiny LJMU card, there is no expiry date which means some shops may not accept it for student discount. Do not worry, we are here to help and have some inside information just for you… LJMU is a great university (as you know because you’ve chosen to go here) but you probably didn’t know they are so great that they can get you a free NUS card, yes FREE! You apply for the card online and you will most likely get a link in email so all you have to do is click, could life get any easier? The answer to that question is yes, and that is because there is an app called UNiDAYS which also provides savings and discounts for us students. You can download the app on your apple or android smartphone and have thousands of savings and discounts at your fingertips! The app allows you to search for brands or shops and you can redeem codes online or in store which allows you to shop with ease. Independent Liverpool offers a card and app to help you find little places throughout the city that are lesser known but are secret gems. Their motto is to link all of the little places to fill life’s little spaces. With Independent Liverpool you can explore the city and find out what it has to offer and to show how unique this city is! These are the perks of being a student, take advantage! Here are the websites: – UNiDAYS – NUS CardIndependent Liverpool Check out their social media too: – NUS Twitter                                                   – NUS Card FacebookUNiDays Twitter                                           – UNiDAYS FacebookIndependent Liverpool Twitter                 – Independent Liverpool Facebook

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