Welcome to LJMU English! This tab along with the T.E.A tab are your first stops for all the information you’ll need for your first few weeks. Beyond Freshers, us lot over at T.E.A (check out our actual faces under ‘Student Interns’ down the side there —–>) will be providing you with lots of helpful tips and insights into studying at LJMU. To get you started here’s some very helpful stuff:

Induction Week:    

The Blackboard Community Site is where all of your course-related info and induction timetables will appear, and you’ll receive details of how to gain access when you receive your official Welcome Pack from the University towards the end of August. Don’t worry if you are struggling to understand Blackboard, we all are, it’s a complicated beast and you will soon be able to just about tolerate it (that’s as good as it gets with Blackboard, sorry).

Once you are an enrolled, inducted, official LJMU student we can tell you all our deepest, darkest secrets (probably). By then you will undoubtedly be drowning in a papery sea of information regarding settling into the city, your new accommodation, your course, and your shiny new trainers (they look great on you by the way 😉 ). We are here to assure you that it doesn’t matter if you don’t read a single word the university has shoved your way (probably). It is however VITAL that you read this (…probably).

T.E.A and Starting Uni:

The English Appendage, or T.E.A for short (so you don’t have to say ‘appendage’ too often), are a happy-go-lucky bunch of third year English students who wanted to make sure new students had somewhere to go to get the answers to the questions about your course the handbooks don’t answer. No matter how large or trivial, we aim to fill your teacups with the sweet taste of knowledge. We’ve been there, been afraid to ask the questions, worried about the questions, whispered the questions into the ears of passing strangers in dark alleys, and eventually we found each other and realised that the only thing LJMU English was missing was, well, us!

Starting university is an exciting and daunting experience whether you are a school leaver, mature student, international student, or malevolent spirit (ooooooooooooh), but we at T.E.A are dedicated to helping relieve some of the worry.

We’ll be coming to meet you in the flesh very soon and we’ll tell you more about what we can do for you and how T.E.A works. For now keep an eye on this website, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, take note of our emails, acquaint yourselves with the handsome sight of our faces, and start composing epic love poems in our honour. Trust us, we’re worth it (probably).


-Katie and T.E.A


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