The_ScreamNow that a few weeks have passed, you’re probably fed up of being told to read books. You might even be feeling daunted by the amount of books you have to get through, but the best way to deal with this is simple, just take it one book at a time. The tutors aren’t (just) trying to torture you, you DO have to read the books to pass. Remember, you chose English as your degree, so just suck it up. If you’re thinking ‘OMG I chose the wrong course’, and the thought of turning another page fills you with dread, then you probably did. All is not lost – you can probably still change it – but you need to do this ASAP so you don’t fall too far behind. If you genuinely want to change courses, go and see your Personal Tutor to sort it straight away. There’s no point hanging about and thinking it’ll all just work out: be proactive. This is your education, your £9000 (and that’s just for your first year).

I love this course it’s amazing and fabulous and it gets better as the year progresses. You’ll settle in to the speed of reading in no time and you’ll be whizzing through them like alcoholic drinks. You’ll become so used to reading, that when you leave for summer you’ll feel withdrawal symptoms and have to rush out to buy more books!

Don’t worry, we’ve all had our moments. Get in touch if it’d help to talk things through.

Lynne & T.E.A.


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