The MA in English Literature at LJMU offers students the opportunity to pursue advanced study within a vibrant community of scholars.

By becoming part of a supportive research culture and working alongside scholars at the cutting-edge of their subject students explore the deeper potential of that most eclectic and interdisciplinary of subjects — English — and extend their reading and research into exciting new areas. Undertaking the MA enables students to master skills of research, analysis, argument and writing that are both a vital preparation for doctoral research and highly valued by employers.

The programme is thematically organised around ideas of place, mobility, bodies and objects. This thematic approach invites students to explore complex questions about what it means to be human and to explore key approaches and issues in contemporary literary studies as follows:

‘Place’ and ‘Mobilities’ examine the way space structures our thinking about literature and culture, rethinking terms such as locality and environment, nation and world.

‘Objects’ and ‘Bodies’ address ongoing debates about the body in history and, more recently, emerging theories of the relation between humans, animals, and things.

Within these broad themes, students explore an exciting range of texts, theories, and genres, spanning from the early modern period to the present, and from Britain, America, Europe and beyond. Students are also encouraged to participate fully in the activities of the Research Centre for Literature and Cultural History.

For more about the programme and how to apply please visit our fact file.

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