img_0019It’s Autumn again: time for a new academic year, a new start, and, of course, a new diary. The latest edition of our world-renowned English Academic Journal is ready and waiting, fallen from its tree like a ripe fruit… (ok, enough).

So if you’re studying English at LJMU, please make sure you pick up your very own free copy at Induction. As always, the EAJ is full of crucial information about the English Department, and about how to navigate smoothly and serenely through student life in Liverpool and beyond. The journal has been designed by students for students (with a little bit of help from Jo Croft), and it includes literary ‘quotes of the week’ as well as spaces for you to write out your timetable, reading lists, PDP sessions etc. This year’s edition has extra note pages (as requested by you), and even has a special section for your own literary compositions. There are QR codes linked to this website, and – most importantly – a useful plastic wallet page for storing precious stuff.

We have printed an EAJ for every student studying English and we shall be circulating copies during Induction sessions. So, pick one up this week, and use it all year….

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