Tate trip 1On Wednesday 20 January Dr Gerry Smyth and Dr Filippo Menozzi took nine second-year students to London to see an exhibition entitled  Artist and Empire at Tate Britain. Taking advantage of LJMU’s Corporate Partnership with the Tate organisation, the students – who are all taking a module entitled Empire and After – saw a range or materials (paintings, sculpture, games and other artefacts) relating to the controversial role of the British ETate trip 4mpire worldwide. One student, Katie Taylor, said: ‘The highlight of the exhibition was Andrew Gilbert’s mixed media installation British Infantry Advance on Jerusalem, 4th of July, 1879. It shows a tableau of British soldiers, imagining them as defeated and displayed as curios adorned with an array of bizarre accessories such as high-heeled leather boots, white leather handbags, shards of broken mirror, numerous dangling teabags and a carrot driven through with nails. The effect was striking among the imperial paintings of the British Empire and helped me to question the way representations of non-British cultures often make objects and spectacles of their subjects.’

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