Aimee WalshAimee Walsh, who graduated from LJMU English in 2011, has just heard that she has been awarded a full LJMU Scholarship to pursue her PhD with us.
Aimee’s working title for her project is ‘Voicing the Subaltern Testimonies of the Northern Irish Troubles’. Her research is primarily concerned with the relationship between testimony of marginalised groups (women, security forces, and prisoners) and their representations in Northern Irish art (fiction, film and theatre). She will examine the relationship between personal testimonies of the Northern Irish conflict, from a range of archives, and consider how those subaltern voices are translated into artistic representations of trauma as a result of the ‘Troubles’. Despite the available archives, research in the area of trauma testimony in Northern Irish art remains unexplored. Aimee’s thesis will focus on testimonies from marginalised voices, particularly those of prisoners, the security forces, and women. She will argue that these depictions of subaltern Troubles testimonies fuse memory and history to create a space for challenging stereotypes of marginalised groups. Gerry Smyth will act as Aimee’s Director of Studies.
Aimee said: ‘I’m over the moon to have been offered a full scholarship to return to Liverpool John Moore’s University. I studied for my undergraduate degree at LJMU – and I couldn’t be happier to be returning. Liverpool is my home away from Northern Ireland, and I’m so excited to be able to do my PhD study there. I still can’t believe my luck!’

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