Joe Moran, Professor of English at LJMU, will be talking about his new book First You Write a Sentence: The Elements of Reading, Writing … and Life at Waterstone’s in Liverpool at 6.30 pm on Tuesday 23rd October.

Using minimal technical terms, First You Write a Sentence is Professor Moran’s unpedantic but authoritative explanation of how the most ordinary words can be turned into verbal constellations of extraordinary grace. Using sources ranging from the Bible and Shakespeare to George Orwell and Maggie Nelson, and scientific studies of what can best fire the reader’s mind, he shows how we can all write in a way that is clear, compelling and alive. Whether dealing with finding the ideal word, building a sentence or constructing a paragraph, First You Write a Sentence informs by light example: much richer than a style guide, it can be read not just for instruction but for pleasure and delight.

Professor Moran will be in discussion with Dr Helen Tookey, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at LJMU, and the session will conclude with an audience Q & A.

Waterstone’s is located at 12 College Lane, Liverpool, L1 3DL. Admission to the event is £4 and tickets can be booked here