The eagerly-awaited LJMU English Student Summer Competition is finally here! (I’m writing that as if this is an annual event – well, from now on, it will be…) We’re asking our students to design a cover for one of the texts you’ve read for your course. We don’t mind a bit which medium you choose to use – painting, drawing, photography, typography, anything – but your design must capture something important about the text and your interpretation of it.

The talented winners will receive prizes from the delectable Penguin Clothbound Classics collection, and we’re also hoping to have the best entries made into notebooks.

So – you want to know the rules, right? Well here they are:

  • You must be studying English as part of your programme at LJMU (and it’s ok if you’re graduating this summer!)
  • You must design a cover for one of the texts you’ve read for your course.
  • You must include a short paragraph (200 words maximum) explaining the inspiration behind your design.
  • You must submit your entry by the end of August 2017 – please use the subject line ‘Book Cover Competition’ and send your entry to by 31st August 2017. Please send the best quality image that you can manage.
  • There’s no limit to the number of times you can enter.

The winners will be announced in the first teaching week of the 2017/18 semester. Look out for flyers when you pick up your essay feedback from the John Foster School Office.

So come on, you well-read, creative lot – amaze us with your brilliance!

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