17288782465_0273c652dc_bWe’re excited that the LJMU Writers’ Workshop, run by our colleagues in Creative Writing, has invited Robert Macfarlane to come and speak at Tate Liverpool on Thursday 16 June. Macfarlane is best known for three widely acclaimed and beautifully written books that he describes as a ‘loose trilogy of books about landscape and the human heart’: Mountains of the Mind (2003), The Wild Places (2007) and The Old Ways (2012).

These books are all about the human need to encounter the wildness of nature – whether it is by climbing a mountain or shinning up a tree in a suburban park. Macfarlane sees these encounters with wildness as an antidote to what he calls, in The Wild Places, our ‘retreat from the real … a prising away of life from place, an abstraction of experience into different kinds of touchlessness’. His most recent book is Landmarks (2015), an exploration of how the words we use to describe the natural world can help to reconnect us with it, and which he describes as ‘a glossary of enchantment for the whole earth, which would allow nature to talk back and would help us to listen’.

coverStudents who are enrolled on our Level 6 module Writing the Real: Contemporary Non-Fiction may be particularly interested in attending this event, as Robert’s work is studied on this module along with other examples of the ‘new nature writing’.

At Tate Liverpool, Robert will introduce his newest works: Underland, a book about subterranea and the Anthropocene, and The Lost Words: A Spell Book, a book for children, written in collaboration with the artist Jackie Morris.

You can book tickets for this event here: https://tickets.tate.org.uk/performancelist.asp?ShowID=6088

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