Image-Loves_Labours_Lost_(Title_Page)On the 11th February 2015 a number of students attended a live streaming of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost in a Royal Shakespeare Company production coming to us in FACT Liverpool from Stratford-Upon-Avon. Set in an Edwardian country house, this was an excellent production of one of the lesser-known plays. The visit was arranged for Level 5 students taking the Shakespeare module but other students and postgraduates also came along. The play (and its comedy) really came to life although, sitting in a cinema, it was difficult to know whether or not to applaud along with the enthusiastic audience in Stratford! We did, however, have the advantage of taking in food and drink.

GirlsSecond-year student Andrew Stevens-Davies commented: ‘Having not attended a Shakespeare performance before, I did not know what to expect from a cinematic viewing of a live performance. That being said, my expectations were immediately surpassed. As an English student studying Shakespeare I quite often find myself getting frustrated with the language, and quite often forget that the words on the page are but one element to a play which is intended for a big theatre stage. With this in mind, I found the evening to be highly informative, not least of all because it brought Shakespeare’s written text to life by adding a third dimension to an otherwise two dimensional play. For me this epitomized the argument that Shakespeare is meant to be acted much as it is meant to be read.’

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