A new journal special issue edited by Dr Filippo Menozzi is set to revive the legacy of Marxist anti-imperialist intellectual, Rosa Luxemburg.

‘Rosa Luxemburg: Capitalism, Imperialism and the Postcolonial’, a special issue of New Formations: A Journal of Culture/Theory/Politics, aims to reflect on the current relevance of Luxemburg’s work, particularly how her writings might help us address cogent issues such as neoliberalism and the postcolonial condition, the current crisis of Europe, debt colonialism and imagining the end of capitalism.

Dr Menozzi’s article, ‘Think another time: Rosa Luxemburg and the concept of history’, features in the issue alongside work by Helen Scott, Benita Parry, Evelin Wittich, Peter Hudis, Stephen Morton, Ingo Schmidt, Paul LeBlanc and Kanishka Chowdhury. The issue as a whole contributes to a revival of Luxemburg in the twenty-first century, testified by the on-going publication of her complete works by Verso and Kate Evans’s graphic novel Red Rosa. With this revival of interest, Luxemburg is returning as a truly “contemporary” thinker, a key figure in Marxist politics and theory, and a continuing inspiration for those committed to social justice in the present.