“As a theoretical perspective, ‘queer’ functions as a verb meaning to trouble, subvert, make strange or perverse – its very invocation, queer scholars routinely explain, ruptures, overturns, blurs and decentres. Queer is about refusal, resistance indeterminacy, and transgression…” – Laura Doan, Disturbing Practices

The Liverpool Queer Reading Group is starting this week, and is intended as an interdisciplinary reading group for Liverpool’s universities and beyond. The monthly meetings aim to create a space in which members can engage with different theories, theorists and intersections in the field of queer studies. We will meet monthly in the John Foster Building, Liverpool John Moores University.

UnknownAll are welcome to our first session on Thursday 10th March at 5pm, John Foster Room 1.33, in which we will be ‘Introducing Queer Theory’. No preparation is needed as we’ll be discussing (provided) extracts from Maggie Nelson’s book The Argonauts.

Just come along, or get in touch if you’re interesting in joining:

Email: queertheoryliverpool@gmail.com

Twitter: @queer_liverpool

Blog: https://queerliverpool.wordpress.com/ 


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