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Margaret Atwood. Copyright Liam Sharp 2016.

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Recent publications from English lecturers Fiona Tolan and Bella Adams are set to expand our understanding of contemporary women’s writing.

Fiona Tolan has edited a special issue of the prestigious journal Contemporary Women’s Writing on Margaret Atwood. The issue came out in print last month and brings together eight essays by leading Atwood scholars. It also features Fiona’s own author interview with Atwood.

Bella Adams’s chapter ‘Environment, Justice, Aesthetics: Through the Arc of the Rain Forest and My Year of Meats’ has been published in the first edited collection on the writer Karen Tei Yamashita. The collection contains freshly commissioned essays by a range of international scholars, a recent interview with the author, and a semiautobiographical keynote address that ruminates on Yamashita’s Japanese American heritage.

For further details, see Contemporary Women’s Writing 11.3 (November 2017) and Karen Tei Yamashita: Fictions of Magic and Memory, ed. by Robert A. Lee (University of Hawai‘i Press).