Professor Smyth is in the middle. With the (ahem) beard.

LJMU English’s Professor Gerry Smyth participated in Liverpool’s celebrated Mersey River Festival,at the weekend, while also showcasing some of his research on one of the city’s lesser known musical traditions.

Along with friends in local group the Rock Light Rollers, Gerry performed a concert of shanties (onboard work songs) associated with Liverpool during its nineteenth-century heyday as one of the great port cities of the world.

The concert took place in the Albert Dock aboard a working tall ship called The Kaskelot, out of Bristol.

Professor Smyth recently published an essay entitled ‘Shanty Singing and the Irish Atlantic: Identity and Hybridity in the Musical Imagination of Stan Hugill’ in The International Journal of Maritime History, 29.2 (2017), the full text of which may be accessed here.



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