In The Red 14 © Melissa Reid

Now in its fifteenth incarnation, In the Red Magazine champions Liverpool’s Student Writing Community in an annual prose and poetry collection. The objective of this year’s edition is to celebrate ‘Strength Through Variety’.

That’s not just prose, poetry, comedy and music, but all forms of art so long as it’s expressive and true to the person who created it. Poignant essays? Heart shattering poems? Hilarious haikus? Bring in a canvas painting! We’ll display it for you. If it comes from a place inside and you feel you can share it with us, we’ll humbly respect that honour by being your limbo champions, bending over backwards ’til our necks touch the ground to ensure you get the recognition you deserve and in turn making you a part of something every single one of us can be proud of.

Photo © Melissa Reid

If you have any ideas for content regarding our events, talk to us. If you have unique skills beyond putting pen to paper and expressing yourself (and I know you all do), talk to us. We will do all we can to share your gifts on the platform with the audience we’re blessed to have.

Every year, first year students are invited to join the tutors and a handful of students for drinks in the Pilgrim. This year we’ve decided to move the event to a larger venue so that we can invite all returning students to join us!

Photo © Melissa Reid

We’re hosting an open mic night during Freshers’ Week to show the new students what ITR is all about, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to perform. Poets, comedians, musicians, all are welcome. Actually, almost all are welcome, no mimes please. (If you don’t know what a mime does it’s sort of like when Beyonce pretends to perform live.) You can find all the details you need to come along via Facebook.

Thank you for all the support so far. Let’s have a vibrant one!

In the Red 15 Editors – Daniel, Christy, Laura and Sean

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