Dr Helen Rogers has been named in the Times Higher Education as an academic making exemplary use of blogging in her research. In the article ‘Twitter and Blogs are Not Add-ons to Research’, published on 28th August 2014, Tim Hitchcock, professor of digital history at the University of Sussex, praised Helen’s Conviction blog, which shares ideas and excerpts from her forthcoming book Conviction: Stories from a Nineteenth-Century Prison. Professor Hitchcock claims that the most impressive thing about Helen’s blog (and her career more widely) ‘is that there is no waste – what starts as a blog, ends as an academic output, and an output with a ready-made audience, eager to cite it’. Last year Helen received a Teaching Grant from the Higher Education Authority to develop her innovative approach to fostering collaborative student research in two of LJMU English’s undergraduate modules. Visit ‘Prison Voices’ and ‘Writing Lives’ to see what her students have achieved. You can also find out more about both modules, and hear Helen’s description of her inspirations for the modules, by clicking on ‘Undergraduate Study’.

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