Before being awarded one of LJMU’s Graduate Teaching Assistantships in 2015, I completed my BA (First with honours, 2012) and MA (Distinction, 2014) in Comparative Literature at the University of Kent. I also received funding for my Masters degree, and upon completion was awarded a prize for the highest distinction within my year group.

My thesis explores a tradition of female poets working in the mediums of both poetry and visual art during the 20th century, including women working separately as both poets and painters/sculptors, and women whose poetry contains a strong visual element. Specifically I am examining the visual and performance art of Mina Loy and Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven, female Concrete and Language poets such as Mary Ellen Solt, Joan Retallack and Susan Howe, and the performance poetry of Paula Claire. My thesis argues for the consideration of such cross-media work as an inherently feminist act.

Previous research topics have included Ezra Pound’s involvement and depiction in the photography of Vittorugo Contino, and the use of ekphrasis in 19th century European Realism. More general interests include the work of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Hart Crane.

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