GradI’m a PhD student in the Research Centre for Literature and Cultural History. Prior to starting my PhD I studied for a dual-honours degree in English and History at Bangor University, North Wales, before coming to LJMU in September 2014 and completing the MRes (Master of Research) degree in English Literature, passing with distinction. My MRes thesis explored the relationships between gender and character in Victorian detective fiction and how the gender of characters affected the progress of detective narratives across the nineteenth century.

My current research interests lie in the study of Victorian sensation, crime and detective fiction, as well as mid-to-late Victorian print culture and the way that these two genres intersect with each other. My PhD research engages with the role of Victorian periodicals between 1861 and 1887 in public perceptions of the police force, detectives and crime. It explores the ways that the public perceived the police through these periodicals, and how this affected the construction of the generic form of detective fiction that we recognise today.

I spoke at the LJMU HSS Faculty Research Day 2015 as part of my MRes course, and at the North West Print Culture Symposium at LJMU on March 9th 2016. I also teach on the first-year module, ‘Reading English’. I can be found generally rambling about being a PhD student on my blog, at or rambling about everything else on Twitter at @samfordsaunders.

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