‘Every empire […] tells itself and the world that it is unlike all other empires, that its mission is not to plunder and control but to educate and liberate’. Edward Said.



LJMU postgraduate students in the School of Humanities and Social Science are starting a new group that will bring together all those with an interest in postcolonial studies across Liverpool’s four universities. Christinna Hobbs and Sam Caddick, both LJMU English students, together with James Brocklesby, who is doing a PhD in History, came up the idea when they discovered that there were several researchers within their own School who were working broadly within postcolonial studies, although in different departments. Christinna said, ‘We thought a reading group might help connect those with an interest, and allow participants to share ideas and support one another’s work. Realising that there was not a group already set up at any of the local universities, we decided to make the group as inclusive as possible, in the hope of promoting postcolonial studies in Liverpool, whilst establishing networks with students and researchers in other institutions in the city’.

They plan to include a range of theoretical, literary and filmic texts, working with seminal theorisations as well as recent cultural interventions. The monthly meetings will be focussed upon friendly, open discussions, with no prior expertise of postcolonial studies needed, and the first is scheduled at LJMU for the afternoon of 22nd October 2015. If you’re interested in going along, please contact the group via email liverpoolpostcolonial@gmail.com or Twitter: @Lpoolpostcolonial

In March of this year, LJMU English were hosts to the inaugural event of the Northern Postcolonial Network, a group similarly dedicated to bringing together researchers across the region.




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