On Thursday 4th February the Liverpool Postcolonial Reading Group, which was founded by postgraduate students in LJMU’s School of Humanities and Social Science, will be showing Göran Olsson’s Concerning Violence (2014). This documentary about imperialism and decolonisation across the African continent, is based on Franz Fanon’s 1961 TheCV_film_Poster Wretched of the Earth and narrated by Lauryn Hill. The reviewer for Variety noted: ‘Göran Hugo Olsson doesn’t make documentaries so much as incendiary devices, diving deep into Swedish film archives for vintage clips that have sat like so much undetonated ordnance all these years.’

The session will begin at 5pm with a short introduction to the film, and there will be time for discussion afterwards. You can see the film’s official trailer here.

If you’re working with postcolonial issues at any of Liverpool’s four universities, and you fancy coming along, please contact the group via email liverpoolpostcolonial@gmail.com or Twitter: @Lpoolpostcolonial

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