While on a recent research fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, LJMU English Professor Glenda Norquay took part in the Dangerous Women Project.


This initiative explores what it means to be ‘a dangerous women’. Each day, over the course of a year, a Dangerous Women Project post reflects on the various ways in which women might be understood as ‘dangerous’.  Contributions come from poets, playwrights, politicians, academics, artists, journalists and anyone who feels they can contribute to the theme.

Annie Swan: Dangerous Woman
Annie Swan: Dangerous Woman

Glenda’s post, which went live on Thursday 8th September, is about the writer Annie S. Swan and the ways in which we might think about the ‘dangerous’ nature of her popular fiction:  ‘Annie S. Swan: making people cry’: click here to read it.

You might want to follow the project on Twitter or read other posts from the project about writers, activists, scientists, politicians  – all kinds of women, from all over the world, doing interesting things!

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