The Centre hosts a regular series of research seminars which welcomes a variety of external speakers, internal workshops and postgraduate sessions. Seminars take place on Tuesday evenings 5.30- 7pm in the John Foster Building rm. 1.27 unless otherwise stated. All are welcome to attend and refreshments are provided. For information please contact Michael Morris

Seminar Series 2015/16 – Semester 1:

6 Oct: Alice Ferrebe (LJMU): ‘Junior Romantic Anthropologist bore’: Colin MacInnes’s Adventures in Postwar Multiracial Britain

20 Oct: LJMU Postgraduate Session with Ryan Coogan and Christinna Hobbs

3 Nov: Helen Rogers (LJMU): ‘Writing Lives’: Bringing Life-Writing to Life: Writing Lives in the Community @

24 Nov: Kostas Boyiopoulos (Durham University): Raconteur and Racketeer: Oscar Wilde and the Confidence Trick

8 Dec: Thomas Dixon (Queen Mary University of London): Raining Men: The Manly Tear from John Donne to Brian Blessed

Semester 2:

19 Jan. Bella Adams (LJMU): Sharp White Backgrounds: A Critical Race Theory Reading of Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric.

2 Feb: Faye Hammill (University of Strathclyde): Magazines and Transatlantic Style

23 Feb: Rochelle Rowe (University of Essex): ‘Glorifying the Jamaican Girl’: the ‘Ten-Types, One People’ Beauty Competition and National Mythmaking in 1950s & ’60s Jamaica.

8 Mar: Ben Knights (Teeside University): ‘English for the English’

9 Mar: North West Print Culture Workshop: ‘Serialisation’ (Aldham Robarts Library at LJMU)

10 May: MRes Showcase- End of year presentations from Mres students.

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