Unknown-1Research Interests

Magic and the occult; seventeenth-century radicalism; Renaissance theatre.

Current Projects

I am currently writing up research on the Faust legend. I have also begun research on various versions of the myth of Medea, which I propose to carry forward in two directions: a) an exploration of issues of gender and ethnicity in twentieth-century appropriations of the myth; b) a more general study of the figure of the sorceress in Western culture.



Spirituality and the Occult: from the Renaissance to the Modern Age
(Routledge, 2001)

Journal Articles
‘Mysticism and Mechanism: The Religious Context of George Cheyne’s Representation of the Body and its Ills’, British Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 21 (1998), 1-23

Book Chapters
Articles for The New Dictionary of National Biography on Richard Overton, Durant Hotham, Francis Lee and Richard Roach.

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