My PhD explored the later fiction of Herman Melville and its treatment of different forms of social and economic exchange. Since then, I have written on 19th century urban disorder, American modernism, and late 20th century cultural and intellectual history. My recent book American Culture in the 1990s is an attempt to comprehend the developments taking place in America at the end of the last millennium, examining a variety of cultural spheres including film, television, radio, music, literature, fine art and digital culture.

I am currently supervising doctoral projects on early 19th century Supreme Court history and hobo literature in the modern era. I would be keen to supervise postgraduate research in any area of 19th century American culture, American modernism, intellectual history and visual culture.



9780748622221Books and articles

American Culture in the 1990s (Edinburgh University Press, 2010)
“New York City: Travelogue”,, March 2002
“Nationalism and Cultural Hierarchy in Astor Place, New York on May 10 1849″, Over Here 16/1, 1997


David Rodgers, Age of Fracture; in Rethinking History (forthcoming)
Walter Kalaidjian, ed. The Cambridge Companion to American Modernism; in March 2006
Corey Robin, Fear: The History of a Political Idea; October 2005
David Kadlec, Mosaic Modernism: Anarchism, Pragmatism, Culture; in Anarchist Studies 12/1 2004, 84-7
David Miller, A Cultural History of the American Novel; in Modern Language Review 92/1, 1997
“Reservations and Revelations in New Americanist Criticism”: review essay of Donald Pease, ed. Revisionary Interventions into the Americanist Canon and Pease, ed. National Identities and Post-Americanist Narratives; in Over Here, 15/1&2, 1995

Conference papers

“Billy Budd’s Open Palm”: Critical MASS seminar series, University of Manchester, March 2001
“Japanese Noise”: Rethinking the Avant-Garde, De Montfort University, Leicester, November 1998

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