My research is largely in the field of national identity with a particular focus on nineteenth and early-twentieth century British literature, gender and sexuality in the period and the Gothic. Other interests include women’s writing, Irish literature of the Romantic and Victorian periods, Decadence and Aestheticism and the literature of empire. In particular, my research engages with the works of Vernon Lee, Oscar Wilde, Arthur Machen and D.H. Lawrence.

My current research is primarily concerned with Oscar Wilde and D.H. Lawrence’s conflicted responses to the British Empire.

Selected Publications        

Vernon Lee (Writers & Their Work)(Northcote House and the British Council, 2012; ISBN: 0746311710)

‘Celtic Occultism and the Symbolist Mode in the Fin-de-Siecle Writings of Arthur Machen and W.B. Yeats’, English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920. 56 (4): 497-518 (2013)

Rereading Oscar Wilde’s Intentions for ‘the Importance of Doing Nothing’’, Nineteenth-Century Prose 43 (1-2) (Jan 2016)

‘Rehibernicising Wilde? A Genetic Analysis of The Picture of Dorian Gray’, Irish Studies Review (forthcoming)



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