I have three main areas of research interest – Robert Louis Stevenson and late nineteenth-century literary culture; Scottish women’s writing; and British women’s suffrage fiction – and my work is driven by an engagement with the intersections of literature and cultural history. Publications in these areas, include Robert Louis Stevenson and Theories of Reading (2007), anthologies of suffrage fiction, essays on Scottish fiction, and The Collected Works of Lorna Moon (2002). I am currently editing Stevenson’s late, unfinished and critically- neglected novel St Ives and have recently returned from research visits to Princeton and Yale libraries and a Fellowship at The Huntington Library, California, looking at various versions of the manuscript. I edited The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Women’s Writing (Edinburgh University Press, 2012). I have recently completed  the R. L. Stevenson entry for Oxford Bibliographies Online (OUP) and am working on a larger project on late nineteenth-century literary cultures.

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