Signed up to study at SCSU? Isobel Currie will be your campus tour guide today…

Southern Connecticut State University, or just ‘Southern’ to its students and staff, was founded in 1893 as a teaching college, and in 1937 it became the New Haven State Teachers’ College. In the spring of 1953 it moved from Howe Street to its present 168-acre site on Crescent Street, and began a period of huge growth and diversification. Southern expanded into general education in 1959, and then became Southern Connecticut State College. Today they have approximately 11,500 full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students.

Campus Map
Campus Map

Now of course, the best way to get acquainted with the Southern campus is to show up and have a walk around. Pictures can give you an idea, but it’s so much better to go and discover everything when you get there. Southern invests a lot in its campus, which has recently acquired a new School of Business, three new parking garages, a new residence hall complex, baseball and softball fields, a new facilities operations building, energy centre and a revamped administration building. There are also plans to double the size of the Hilton C. Buley Library and create several new facilities, including a health and human services building, an academic building and a computer centre.

Campus Map
Campus Map

Here though, are a few points of interest, to help you get to know your new place of study:

1. West Campus Residence Complex
One of nine campus living halls, that combined with the other halls, hosts 2800 students. Each hall has a hall director as supervisor, and is run by a hall council. There are also two or three hall advisers on each floor. West Campus features suites and doubles. Each floor has a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and laundry facility, and can house 55 students. All housing offers high speed internet.

2. North Campus Residence Complex
This provides housing for 644 students, mostly juniors and seniors and has its own convenience store. It includes four town houses with 32 apartments and a six story building with another 129 apartments.

3. Schwartz Hall
Headquarters for the Department of Residence Life, the Office of Cooperative Education, and the Women’s Centre. It is an apartment- style residence hall for more than 300 juniors and seniors, and has its own computer lab. For more information, click here.

4. Brownell Hall
240 students are housed here in apartments, some with kitchens.

5. Connecticut Hall
‘Conn Hall’, as it’s known, is the main dining facility for students and faculty, where students can work out meal plans with a fast and easy service. Like the student centre, Conn Hall features a ‘food court’ style of dining. Hours are Monday- Friday, 7am to midnight; Saturday-Sunday, 10am to midnight.

6. The University Mall
Outside the Buley Library and Student Centre, The University Mall is the crossroads of the campus, providing access to the residence halls, library, and all main academic buildings.

7. The Michael J. Adanti Student Centre
In 2006, the university opened a new student centre, complete with Barnes and Noble school store, and the Centre has now become a hub of campus gatherings. It features a 700-seat ballroom, 200 seat movie theatre, fitness centre, meeting rooms, food court, Dunkin’ Donuts, computer lab, lockers, TV lounge with a 60 Inch flatscreen, fireplace lounge and International Student Office.

Student Centre
Michael J. Adanti Student Centre, including school store and food court.

8. Buley Library
Though it is in the middle of doubling in size, the library serves the main academic and research needs of the Southern students and faculty. The library maintains 125,000 electronic data bases as well as several academic support centres. It also features a Starbucks open until 2.30pm, Monday- Friday.
The Open hours of the library are Monday- Thursday 8am to 9pm, Friday 8am to 4.30pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday Closed.

The Campus Mall and view of the Buley Library.

9. Engleman Hall
The University’s main academic and administration building, which recently underwent huge renovation to upgrade classrooms and administration offices. Several academic programs have their headquarters in Engleman, including English, History, Communication and Foreign Languages. It also house a student lounge as well as the International Office. There is a Terrace with seats to have lunch or work outside, facing the University Mall.


The Engleman Hall, from the entrance to the University.
Huge building maps are all over the Engleman building.

10. Morill Hall
This has a major water recycle project that collects rain water and stores it for the grass and plants throughout the year. It houses Journalism, Geography and Computer Science, as well as featuring a planetarium, which, when not being used as a classroom, presents around 60 celestial shows a year. Make sure you get to see one.

11. Granoff Student Health Centre
The provider of on-campus health care, which is staffed by a full time physician, several part-time physicians, nurses and clerical staff. The centre offers routine services, general health counselling and health care information. The University Police department is also located here.

12. Moore Fieldhouse
Headquarters for most of Southern’s sports facilities, as well as classrooms and several offices in the fieldhouse, as well as a large sports arena for basketball, gymnastics and special events. A multi- purpose area at one end of the fieldhouse is used for badminton, tennis, track and field. It is also large enough to accommodate an indoor baseball infield, has an eight lane swimming pool and weight- training room.

13. Jess Dow Field
A multimillion dollar stadium that can accommodate football, soccer, field hockey, and track and field. It annually hosts the Connecticut Special Olympics Summer Games and Connecticut high school football championships. The playing field is surrounded by an eight- lane 400-metre track. It features a modern press box and seats 6,000 fans.

Jess Dow Field
Jess Dow Field

14. John Lyman Centre for Performing Arts
1,568 seat theatre featuring an open-thrust stage, which provides student and public entertainment, as well as conferences, art exhibitions and cultural activities. Lyman is the home of the Theatre Department and a 100 seat Drama Lab for experimental drama.

Southern have guided campus tours so you could contact the Administrations Office to arrange one to help orientate you when you arrive. For details call (203) 392-5644 or email.

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