You say Pizza, they say Apizza…: The foundation of the food scene in New Haven is Apizza: I’m told this is the local dialect of saying pizza. I’m not quite sure what the difference is, but you’re probably okay just calling it as it is. Everybody will tell you that there are 4 pizza places you cannot leave New Haven without trying:

Modern: Thin base, big crust. Large is huge. Try a white pie with clams ( it’s a New Haven tradition). Less wow-factor, more traditional. Definitely feels like a classic spot to come with a group of friends and share a couple of large pizza’s.

Bar's mashed potato pizza
Bar’s mashed potato pizza

img_3500Bar: The crust is fairly non-existent in the best way possible. It’s all basic flavours and less dough. Order large and they come in squares to share, definitely big enough to fill the most rumbling stomach. This place offers mashed potato on pizza. Depending on who you are that could either sound disgusting or like a match made in heaven. Regardless of your thoughts going in, nothing can really prepare you for just how incredible garlic mash on a pizza can be. It’s like the chip bap, you shouldn’t love it, but you do, you love it so much it hurts. I’m hungry.

Pepe’s: Get in early to avoid the queue! Though not my personal favourite (I now eat mash potato with everything), the popularity and character of this pizza parlour really stands out. It is simple and effective, not too pricey and a great family atmosphere.

Sally’s: I didn’t get to eat at Sally’s. I’m told it’s the same family as Pepe’s, and a similar style. It’s up to you to let me know what it’s like. Primary aim: Pizza. Secondary assignment: Learning.

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