Going to study at SCSU (or thinking about it)? This post is part of a series to help orientate you to their campus. Your guide is LJMU English intern Rupert French..

img_1785You’ll be pleased to know that for all the complex differences between the systems of Higher Education in the US and Britain, the SCSU library (aka The Hilton C. Buley Library) remains very library-ish. But there are some differences for users to be aware of to get the most out of their study time.

The library is at the centre of campus and during semester is open from 8am-11pm.During the summer months this changes to 7.30pm. 

Much the same as LJMU, there are plenty of computers, but not enough for everyone at every time. As a Study Abroad student, you will have your own account to log in to these desk-top computers. You can reserve study rooms online as well as solo study on particular computers with any necessary software for your particular course.

img_3596Perhaps the key difference when you’re actually looking for books is that the SCSU library uses the Library of Congress System to order the shelves. All this means for you is a difference in categorisation from the numbers that we’re used to (the Dewey Decimal system) to letters instead. But you can bypass this entirely by using the internal search engine to find your books by title, so don’t let it put you off. Remember too that, just like LJMU, SCSU offer students the help of subject-specific librarians – when you start your semester you’ll be given their contact details and they’ll be happy to guide you through all the resources available for your particular field of study. For all your English Major library needs, for example, contact or visit Winnie Shyam at:

122G Buley Library (her office). (203) 392-5762

img_3589The Library has a small cafe serving branded coffee and home made sandwiches. You’ll have a special SCSU card full of ‘Hoot Loot‘ that you can use to pay for printing and scanning. We have a similar system but have a certain amount free, which I do not think is a privilege afforded to SCSU students. After paying for your Hoot Loot to swipe in the library, any excess can be used in various stores and cafes around campus. (We could call ours Moores Money? Just doesn’t sparkle, does it?)


One of the library's Tiffany windows
One of the library’s Tiffany windows

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