Thinking of studying abroad as part of LJMU’s ‘transatlantic alliance’ with Southern Connecticut State University? You’ll want to know where you’re going to live. Here, LJMU English student Jessica Rimmer gives you an idea of the kind of accommodation on offer on campus. 

Schwartz Hall

Schwartz Hall offers apartment-style living for students with 45+ credits including three different housing options (two-, four-, or six-person apartments). Each apartment has a full kitchen equipped with stove/oven, sink and garbage disposal, full-sized refrigerator, and dishwasher. Individually controlled heating and air conditioning units are located in each apartment.

The two-person apartment is studio-style with a large open area adjacent to the kitchen. A full bathroom and small walk-in storage area are also provided in the apartment. A dining room table and couches are provided for the living area. Finally, each student is provided with a bed, mattress, dresser, desk, and chair.

SCSU Campus
SCSU Campus

The four-person apartments offer the same amenities as the two-person apartments, but in the four-person apartments, the living room area is separated from the bedroom. These apartments offer ample storage space and a full bathroom with shower. Individual control for heating and air conditioning units allow for separate climate control in the bedroom and the living room.

The six-person apartments provide a large living room and dining area adjacent to the kitchen. Along with the full bathroom, extra sinks are provided for easy access by all residents of the apartment. Finally, two bedrooms are provided to allow spacious living space in the apartment. Each resident is provided with a bed, mattress, desk, chair, and dresser for storage.

The main floor of Schwartz Hall is home to the central office of the Office of Residence Life. The basement houses the Violence Prevention, Victim Advocacy and Support Center. Also, a large laundry room offers multiple Hoot Loot-operated washers and dryers for use by residents (Hoot Loot is the campus’s own currency).

Here’s a list of useful Residence Hall Services:

ATM Machines are located in Brownell, North Campus, Schwartz, West Campus and Wilkinson. ATM’s are also located in the Michael J. Adanti Student Centre and Engelman Hall.

Computer Labs are available in West Campus, Chase, and North Campus as well as the Student Centre, Buley Library and the Jennings classroom building. Opening hours are posted both on SCSU’s website and on the doors of the computer labs. Although access to the computer labs is free, there is a charge for printed pages in all on-campus computer labs.

Digital Cable TV is provided in all residence hall rooms, free of charge. The local service provider is Comcast .

Internet access is provided wirelessly throughout the residence halls and in most on-campus buildings.

Laundry Rooms are located in all residence halls. Laundry machines only accept Hoot Loot (The SCSU Hoot Loot ID Card not only functions as a student ID, but it can also function as a campus debit card, library card and it provides access to campus buildings, computer labs and printers, laundry services, meal plans and can even be a student discount card).

Game Rooms are located in West Campus, North Campus, and Farnham. They include access to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and other gaming systems.

ResLife Cinema is available on 918. Movie selections are updated monthly and various on-campus events are advertised between films.

Residence Hall Front Desks are located in the main lobby of each building and are staffed 24 hours a day by a student employee during the regular academic year. Desk attendants will assist you with checking in guests, answering questions, or providing assistance with residence hall services.

Vending Machines are located in residence hall lounges, lobbies, and recreation areas. Most vending machines accept Hoot Loot and all machines accept cash.

For more useful information about residence hall life at SCSU visit:

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