New Haven, Connecticut
New Haven, Connecticut

Since 2014, LJMU has been developing a unique transatlantic alliance with Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut. At the centre of this agreement is the chance for LJMU and Southern students (as the latter are known) to experience life and study abroad, whether this is for a semester or a year. New Haven is perfectly located to give students the experience of an American college town whilst being in easy reach of cities like New York and Boston.

LJMU English has long been dedicated to giving our students the opportunity to expand their experience by travelling abroad. Our ‘Working in the USA’ module was established over twenty years ago, and since then has supported the second year students who choose to take it in finding a vast array of both paid and unpaid work in the US. One of our External Examiners described the module as ‘truly trailblazing’. You can read about how recent ‘Working in the USA’ students found their experiences on this site – with more to look out for in future weeks.

LJMU English interns with SCSU's Professor Charles Baraw
LJMU English interns with Southern’s English Professor Charles Baraw

LJMU’s new alliance with Southern gives students studying English another way to experience the US, and we are hoping that as many second-year students as possible will take the opportunity to spend either a semester or a year studying there. This summer, supported by LJMU’s Curriculum Enhancement Scheme and the International Offices at LJMU and Southern, three students on the ‘Working in the USA’ module spent three weeks at Southern researching and writing materials to inform, encourage and support students who are considering this particular Study Abroad option. You can see what Isobel Currie, Rupert French and Jessica Rimmer came up with here. If you’re a first-year student studying at LJMU, or someone who is thinking about applying to us in the future, we hope it will inspire you to expand your horizons!

For all enquiries about Study Abroad in English, please contact the Subject Leader Alice Ferrebe,





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