As we know you will remember, a little while ago those lovely folk at The English Appendage came up with a competition asking all LJMU English students to come up with a single image to capture a book, play or poem studied on an English module. After much deliberation, we’re now very excited to announce our winners, and they are (drum roll…..):

Kathrin Shawcross - Competition entry -Wuthering Heights First Prize: Kathrin Shawcross, Wuthering Heights

He’s mean, she’s moody, it doesn’t end well…. You’ve all read this now, so this is not a spoiler. The judges loved the eerie glow of Kathrin’s mixed media image. She wins a £50 Amazon voucher, but can only spend this on gothic texts. Probably.


Rich Albinger

Second Prize: Rich Albinger, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

If you’re just finishing Level 4, you’ve got this to look forward to on your Literary and Cultural Theory module next year. If one can ever really be said to look forward to envisioning a post-apocalyptic future, that is… The judges loved Rich’s jaunty drawing, and think he has a bright future working on the ITV mega-blockbuster quiz show Catchphrase. But he’ll probably want to do other things…. Some of them with his £30 Amazon voucher.

Third Prize: Abbie Quigley, A Clockwork OrangeAbbie Quigley Clockwork O

Well this is just plain weird. And as you know, at LJMU English, we’ve got a lot of time for weird. Abbie’s spooky image captures the eeriness of the droogs perfectly, and wins her a £20 Amazon voucher.

Congratulations all, and thanks to everyone who took part: we feel really chuffed to be part of such a creative bunch of people, who can work with images as well as words. Huge thanks go to T.E.A. too, for dreaming this up and making it happen.

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