As always, this year, all students enrolled on the level 6 module ‘Vamps and Villains: Exploring Gothic Fiction’ were asked to give a short interactive presentation. But one group in particular showed an admirable dedication to their studies in their session on the representation of desire in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray by commissioning t-shirts  emblazoned with selected bon mots from Wilde’s writing.

Module leader Sonny Kandola commented that ‘students Tracey Hughes, Jade Swann, Annie Simpson and Amy Rees certainly gave an inventive and engaging presentation that kept our attention throughout and challenged us to rethink the representation of desire in the text’.

Wilde would, of course, have had something to say about that typo, but the group assure us that the misspelling of ‘thief’ on one of the t-shirts was entirely the printer’s error. And they’re LJMU English students, so we trust them implicitly.

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