From Liverpool

Level 5



When it came to choosing my course at university I didn’t have to think much because English has always been a subject that I’ve enjoyed and seemed to do well in. When I looked at the outline of the course at John Moore’s it was very impressive as it wasn’t just a conventional English course as you are assessed in a variety of ways, not just the typical essay format. The course allows you to look at different aspects of literature by gaining an insight into the historical context of a novel too. The course offers a diverse range of books which are not just traditional novels and classics, you study modern literature alongside the more traditional.

One of the main reasons I chose the university, besides the course, was because of the amazing student health and wellbeing centre. They offer a wide range of help with financial issues, accommodation, counselling and specialist mental health support. They don’t just see you as a student that is there to study and gain a degree, they see you as a person who needs to enjoy their time at university and gain everything they possibly can from it.

Although I am from Liverpool and live here, I decided that I would move out for my first year and go into halls so I could get the ‘full’ university experience. However, I did take a while to settle because I am quite a shy person but the student experience has been good for me because I have made some fantastic friends in halls and on my course.

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