Level 5

From Liverpool


If you would have told the thirteen year old me that I would currently be studying English, you would have been met with immense disbelief, yet, here I am! It wasn’t until I had left my first year of college that I truly discovered my passion for English Literature, prior to that my only real experience of the subject was when I had been forced to read Of Mice and Men for GCSE English and find the symbolism of the American Dream within the Great Depression era novella, but now that my circumstances had drastically changed, so had my approach to reading. Throughout my life, books have always been a means of escape for me but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with depression that I found I could truly connect with characters in a way that I never had before and I was able to see the symbolism within. Choosing to study at LJMU, was a difficult decision due to the fact that the city boasts three universities. To me though, the key point about LJMU which won me over, was the diverse range of texts which are studied throughout the three years, as well as the array of assessment methods which I feel allow me to show my full potential.

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