Professor Glenda Norquay had an unusual start to the autumn semester, visiting first Warsaw then Paris to give keynote lectures at two very different international conferences.

In Warsaw she spoke at the fourth ‘Scotland in Europe’ conference. This interdisciplinary conference was held at the Institute of English Studies in Warsaw, home to one of LJMU English’s Erasmus Exchange partners. Glenda’s talk was on ‘Chronotopes of Justice in Contemporary Scottish Fiction’, including Irvine Welsh’s most recent two novels which reunite the characters from Trainspotting. Other papers at the conference provided a fascinating mix of views on contemporary politics, translation studies, popular culture and tourism, as well as Scottish writing.

If Warsaw looked beautiful in the autumn light, Paris provided the spectacle of late summer sunshine. This conference, again interdisciplinary, was on ‘L’avoir lieu/ Taking Place’. The conclusion of a two-year project led by the VALE research group at the Sorbonne, the conference brought together a rich diversity of papers, including perspectives from conceptual art and ecocriticism. Here Glenda was speaking on ‘Materiality and the Present Moment’, and again looking at very recent fiction. The first day of the conference was held in the inspiring surroundings of La Sorbonne in the Latin Quarter, pictured below.


Glenda’s lecture took place in the more intimidating setting of the Science Park – a campus of striking modernity. Even Trainspotting’s Francis Begbie looked a little scared to be there…