KatieAge: 28

From: The Wirral

Level 6


As a single parent it was important to me when applying to university that I made a decision that would benefit both me and my son. I wanted to make sure it was worth my time to do a degree at this point in my life, and my experience of LJMU so far has definitely exceeded my expectations. Choosing to study English was simple as it’s the only subject I’ve ever truly loved (and bothered to do the homework for at school). I was drawn to LJMU because of the diverse range of texts studied and assessment methods; I know that I will graduate with a broader set of skills and experience than I would have elsewhere. Having grown up on The Wirral I thought I knew Liverpool pretty well, but being a student here has given me a new perspective on what the city has to offer. I obviously love to read and you can usually find me sitting next to a pile of books in the library, the cafes of Liverpool or at my recently started reading group along with my many (2) friends.

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