Age: 35

From Skelmersdale

Level 6

The main reason I chose English was because I have always been passionate about Literature and love to read. Furthermore, English has many transferable skills that can be applied to many careers. After attending open days at different universities and looking through course details I chose LJMU. As a mature student it was important to me that I chose somewhere I felt comfortable and where I thought I would fit in. The tutors I met at LJMU were the most enthusiastic and helpful: this put me at ease instantly. The course content at LJMU was also the most interesting consisting of a wide range of texts and modules. The last two years at LJMU have been wonderful, my initial thoughts, regarding the tutors and the course, were correct. The tutors are friendly and always happy to help. The varying texts and ways of assessment enable you to explore other aspects of literature, like their respective historical and cultural contexts.

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