I want to go back to @JMUEnglish and keep on reading fantastic books and learning and debating 🙁

(2014 Graduate via Twitter)

The 3 years at LJMU gave me skills that proved to be the cornerstone of my success. It’s very hard to be in a meeting with recent graduates or your new bosses, who all have B. Comms or B.Sc’s in Business Studies and say ‘well actually I know how to think and take ideas apart and know what will appeal or why our consumer will respond’ – so I sat quietly and just applied what I knew, with remarkable results. My competitive edge in business has always been that I was an Arts graduate, rather than a Business Studies graduate.

I could go on a weekend course to perfect Excel or learn how to do SWOT analysis, but nobody in the workplace has 3 years to spare expanding their imagination or practising how to think. I have always been lucky enough to work with some of the brightest and quickest business minds; I am definitely not as fast as them to work out a margin or create a process map – but they have competition to be the fastest and somebody else can always do their role if they’re not around; nobody can do what I do … and if they do it’s usually wrong! Writing quickly and accurately, understanding how people interpret these communications, developing products, promotions, brands, advertising – being able to analyse their effect – these skills come from my time at JMU.

So a very belated ‘Thank You’ to all the team that taught me. You were all a huge inspiration to lifelong learning that gives me huge pleasure personally and crucially, you gave me the tools to be a success commercially.

(Dawn Williams, Director of Smartspot, LJMU English & Media and Cultural Studies. Dawn graduated in 1993 and recently got back in touch.)

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